Is it legal to sell inspected primal cuts of meat directly off a mobile processing unit to restaurants and institutions?

 Yes, sale of inspected primal cuts would be legal, if a couple of conditions are met:
1. The mobile unit would have to have the correct licensing. There are a couple of ways to have mobility:  a mobile processing plant, or a mobile transport unit that would transport primal cuts from a brick-and-mortar processing plant to a buyer.

If mobile processing plant, it would have to be an inspected USDA or Minnesota Equal-To processing plant.
If delivery from a brick-and-mortar processing plant to a restaurant or other buyer, the owner of the mobile unit would need to be licensed as either a wholesale or retail food handler, and the mobile unit’s structure, interior, fixtures, etc. would need to be approved by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA).
The licensing choice between wholesale or retail food handler would depend on the annual % sales from the unit into either wholesale or retail channels. For example, if the mobile unit belongs to a farmer who primarily sells directly to customers at farmers’ markets but also sells wholesale to restaurants, and wholesale sales are <50% of total annual sales, this would require a retail food handler license. If the mobile unit belongs to someone who primarily sells on a wholesale basis to restaurants, schools, grocery stores, etc.; then this would require a wholesale food handler license.
A retail food handler license requires a formal Plan Review process with MDA.
2. The other condition is that the buyer — restaurant or institution — would have to have approval for their facilities and process in order to break down primal cuts. The requirements are highly variable depending on what the restaurant is doing with the meat, but something like charcuterie would most likely require the restaurant to have a HACCP plan for that process. This approval would come through the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH), which regulates food and beverage service in MN.
More about MDH Food & Beverage licensing:
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